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Potatoes and Gravy - 6.99

a serving of our home-cut fries that are smothered in our soon to be famous gravy. can be battered or non-battered.

Popping Shrimp Combo - 11.99

popcorn shrimp and jalapeno lightly battered and fried to perfection.

Onions Souls - 8.49

the middle part of the onion (we like to call it the soul) cut into chips, double battered, fried to a golden brown. great for dipping in our special sauce.

Cornbread Croutons - 4.99

made from our cornbread, fried to perfection, then seasoned with our garlic herb seaoning.


Y’all’s Salads - 11.49

fried popcorn shrimp on our spring salad mix, topped with cornbread croutons.

Homie Salad - 11.49

fried chicken tenders on a spring salad mix topped with cornbread croutons.

Daily Specials


Cajun Baked Chicken With Dirty Rice - 12.99

tender and juicy half chicken baked and served over dirty rice.


Sausage & Pork Tenderloin Jambalaya - 10.49

a spicy cajun stew of pork, sausage, and other seasonings mixed with rice & topped with green onions.

Pot Roast - 10.99

we take angus beef slow cooked over night and topped with our soon to be famous gravy.


Bayou Fried Chicken - 12.49

a crispy half chicken seasoned in our special bayou flavoring and lightly fried with a crispy crust that’s moist and tender on the inside.


Shrimp Etoufee - 13.49

buttery creamy cajun stew with bell peppers, onions, celery and tomatoes served with rice.

Beef Tips Over Rice - 12.49

angus eye round cut and seasoned and slow cooked to perfection and served over a bed of rice.


Grilled Shrimp & Cheesy Grits - 13.99

six grilled shrimp with our secret seasonings on our cheesy grits topped with green onions.

Smothered Pork Chop - 12.49

One 8 ounce center cut pork chop smothered with our soon to be famous gravy served over a bed of rice.

Chicken Sausage Gumbo - 10.49

an authentic cajun and homemade stock with a serving of rice.


Oxtail Over Rice - 15.49

a soul food delicacy! we feature 14 ounces of premium beef slowly cooked and smothered on our soon to be famous gravy and served over rice.

Turkey and Dressing with Giblet Gravy - 12.99

two slices of slowly baked turkey breast topped with special turkey gravy served over our cornbread dressing.


Fried Catfish - 13.99

two farm raised catfish filets dipped in our special batter and rolled in our cornbread meal recipe.

add 4 shrimp - 5.99

Shrimp and Gravy - 10.99

8 ounces of fried popcorn shrimp served on a bed of rice, topped with our soon to be famous gravy.

Butterfly Shrimp - 14.99

seven butterfly shrimp dipped in our batter and rolled in flour.

add 4 shrimp - 5.99

Veggie Plate - 7.99

three 6 ounce sides

Chicken Fried Chicken - 11.99

5 ounce boneless chicken breast marinated and seasoned before frying and then smothered with our soon to be famous gravy.

Chicken Fried Steak - 11.99

4 ounce beef cutlet smothered in our soon to be famous gravy. each cutlet is seasoned before we fry it.

3 Piece Fried Wings - 10.59

cooked to order and served with one side. we take this southern classic and fry them up in a light batter.

5 Piece Fried Wings - 13.49

cooked to order and served with one side. we take this southern classic and fry them up in a light batter.

Fried Pork Chops - 13.99

two 6 ounce center cut pork chops battered in our y’all down home batter.

Creole Fried Chicken Tenders - 13.49

five tenders seasoned in our creole seasoning, lightly battered and fried.

Fried pork Ribs - 14.99

one pound of melt in your mouth batter fried st. louis style pork ribs.

Meat Loaf - 10.99

8 ounces of ground beef seasoned with onions, bell peppers, and our secret spices, topped with our soon to be famous gravy.

Grilled Menu Items

all items served with rice. to received items blackened, add 1.00

Catfish - 14.99

Tilapia - 12.49

Chicken - 12.99

Pork Chops - 14.99

served without rice.

Shrimp - 15.99

Kids Menu

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - 3.99

Mini Corn Dogs - 4.99

Chicken Tenders (1) - 4.99

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets - 4.99


candied yams

collard greens

red beans and rice

fried corn on the cob

cajun corn

home fries


black eyed peas

fried cabbage

cajun mashed potatoes

creole green beans




Fat Tuesday Burger - 9.99

1/3 pound beef patty battered in our buttermilk batter then fried to perfection, topped with leaf lettuce, purple onions, butter pickes, mustard, and ketchup on our baked bun.

Down Home Burger - 10.99

1/2 pound of ground beef with all of our meatloaf ingredients with a little extra seasoning, leaf lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard.

Pork Chop Burger - 10.99

our 6 ounce pork chop is de-boned, lightly battered, deep fried, and then served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese and mayo.

Cheeseburger - 8.99

one third pound beef patty served with red onion, leaf lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard and ketchup.


Over-Stuffed Shrimp Po-boy - 11.99

thre’s nothing po’ about this boy! 1/4 pound of shrimp stuffed in ciabatta bread with green leaf lettuce, tomato, pivkles, cheese and mayo.

Catfish Po-boy - 11.99

we take one of our farm-raised catfish filets and cut it in half before we deep fry it. we then place it on ciabatta bread and top it with green lettuce, tomato, and your choice of po-boy sauce or tarter sauce.

Fried Turkey Po-boy - 10.99

slowly baked turkey chilled to batter and then fried to seal in the flavors.


Peach Cobbler - 5.99

sweet peaches baked in a spiced sugar mixture and topped with the most amazing pie crust.

Blakberry Cobbler - 5.99

in season blacknerries that that are topped with a homemade pie crust.

Apple Crisp - 5.99

a delicious combination of tart apples with ust the right amount of sugar and cinnamon, covered with a buttery crumb crust.

White Chocolate Walnut Delight Cake - 6.99

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cake - 6.99